Planning,  Production & Post

"Ari's methods are well thought out, he never misses a thing!"  

-  Monica Sagisi,  Marketing Manager,  Paul Gauguin Cruises


Proper planning is the single most important step to ensuring a successful shoot. Our detail-oriented production team meticulously prepares all aspects of our shoots, providing clients review cycles to ensure your video meets your expectations:

o   Establish project objectives, including messaging, scope, target audience, etc.

o   Craft conceptual approaches that fulfill the project objectives

o   Script writing with client review cycles

o   Draft a shooting style guide and mood board for client review

o   Audition and cast on-camera talent when applicable

o   Generate in-depth preliminary and final production schedules with client review

o   Coordinate travel arrangements when applicable

o   Wardrobe prep when applicable, subject to client review

o   Generate a working shot list


Each project, depending on the budget and creative vision, has its own unique needs regarding gear and crew requirements. Our productions can be as simple as a one-day, one-person shoot of your guests at an event to a sizeable cast of actors and crew on a ten-day shoot. Our large scale projects typically include…

o   Ultra High Definition Red Dragon camera package with 6k resolution--the same camera used to shoot The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby, The Amazing Spider-Man, Thor, Muppets Most Wanted and other blockbuster Hollywood movies

o   SteadiCam Zephyr with wireless follow-focus for dynamic, stabilized camera moves

o   HMI daylight balanced lights and Lite Panel LED lighting instruments with low energy consumption and low-heat output

o   Camera dolly and portable jib

o   Aerial drone, motion control camera,  timelapse, and hyperlapse videography

o   Portable editing station for media management and client viewing to ensure all parties can see what is captured and all objectives are accomplished

o   Wardrobe, make-up, and hair styling when applicable

o   Our video resolution is so extraordinary that we output still-frames of our footage for client print and web marketing. 


Integrating all the acquired audio and visual information to create an emotionally engaging experience:

o   Color correct and transcode all video footage from RAW format to the professional industry-standard file format, Quicktime ProRes HD.

o   Craft a soundtrack using music and professional narration or client/consumer interviews

o   Edit the video footage and, when needed, augment with stock footage

o   Create custom computer generated graphics that complement your brand style guide

o   Mastering the video for output and client review

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